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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I consume Microdose supplements if I have dietary restrictions?

Certainly! Our capsules are vegan, organic, and free from preservatives and common allergens. We take pride in cultivating our magic mushrooms on a gluten-free substrate to accommodate various dietary needs.

2. Where do you obtain your mushrooms?

We locally source our mushrooms from a reputable company in Canada. They are organically grown using a combination of grain substrate and coconut coir. We are committed to transparency and authenticity in our sourcing.

3. What are the legal regulations?

For the most up-to-date information on the evolving legal status of psilocybin, please refer to our detailed updates HERE.

4. What dosage options are available (50 mg, 100mg, or 200mg)?

If you’re new to psilocybin, we recommend starting with a 50mg dose. After familiarizing yourself with the effects, you can gradually increase it to a 100mg dose. Keep in mind that individual responses vary, so finding the ideal dosage for productivity, creativity, and focus may take some experimentation.

5. When can I expect my package to arrive?

We ship via USPS and other major parcel carriers to ensure prompt delivery of your Schedule35’s. Typically, it takes about 5-10 business days from the time of your order. Please note that currently, we do not offer international shipping, but we plan to expand our global services in the near future.

6. Do you provide free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on orders exceeding $150. Our standard economy shipping option starts at $9.97.

7. What is the shelf life of microdose capsules?

When stored in a cool, dark, and dry environment at room temperature, our microdose capsules maintain their potency for approximately 2-3 years before gradually diminishing in efficacy.

8. What is your return policy?

To maintain a high level of discretion, we do not accept returns of any product. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please inform us, and we will gladly offer a 50% refund. Please note that this policy does not apply to any 10-pack boxes, as they are considered final sale unless determined to be defective.

9. Which strain of magic mushrooms is utilized in your microdose product?

Our microdose product is specifically crafted using the esteemed Golden Teacher strain of Psilocybe cubensis.

10. How are your packages shipped?

We prioritize secure and discreet packaging for all orders. Your packages will be carefully packed to prevent visibility of their contents and shipped via USPS.

11. Can I make changes to or cancel my order?

Efficiency is essential to us, and we aim to process and dispatch orders promptly. While it may not always be feasible to modify an existing order or prevent a package from being shipped, please feel free to contact us at with your specific request, and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

12. Where do you offer shipping services?

We offer shipping services throughout the United States, excluding the Virgin Islands and APO/FPO addresses. We utilize USPS for order deliveries.

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